Cuba & Beyond Art Exhibition

“The summer’s visual art exhibit in the Helen T. White Galleries, Cuba & Beyond, draws on the complex and rich cultural history of the artists who consider Cuba their homeland.
In the wake of the 1959 revolution, Cuba has become a moveable nation resulting from continuous out-migrations and scatterings. While focus tends to be on Cuba’s revolution and its resulting political regime as the impetus for emigration, this pattern of migration to and from the island traces back over centuries, as witnessed by the slave trade and Spanish colonization. Cuba has never been a fixed cultural, political, or geographical entity. Because of its strategic location, the island became a site of convergence, a point of migratory interaction and a location for all manner of cultural exchange, some of which pre-date the first Spanish colonial interventions. Therefore, when speaking of present-day Cubans, one is referring to the rich, cultural tapestry of those who reside on the island, as well as to a disparate population that has spread across the globe and now includes three generations born outside Cuba since 1959.
Cuba & Beyond consists of four separate exhibits that incorporate the idea that the island and its definition of nationhood and culture extend beyond its geographical coordinates.”